Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Five Bad Apologies by Leaders

You will make a mistake.

Most of you will do something stupid.

I know. Been there. Done that.

I really don’t like to share my experience with apologies, because it is evidence of my bad leadership. But leaders need to learn to apologize. Real apologies. Sincere apologies.

Leadership credibility will only be restored if leaders are willing to apologize. But too many leaders offer non-apology apologies. Here are five of the really bad ones.... Read More
Readers may question why I used a picture of Donald Trump with this article. Over the years I have posted numerous articles on leadership on this blog. A number of these articles list various criteria for a good leader. Whenever Mr. Trump is measured against these criteria, he invariable falls short, raising serious questions about his capacity to lead the nation. One of Trump's characteristics is that he never admits that he has said or done anything wrong. Someone else is always to blame. Nor has he ever uttered a specific apology for what he has said or done. The closest thing he made to a apology was quite ambiguous and was a good example of what Thom Rainer describes as a "bad apology." 

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