Monday, September 26, 2016

How technology has changed missions

We live in a technological age that is rapidly changing how we do business, banking, education, and on and on. Certainly there are disadvantages of being constantly in touch with everyone who demands our time and attention, and the anxiety caused by information overload is evident in the harried, hurried lives we live. Only the future will tell whether the ever-increasing velocity of new developments is new and better or simply “fast and furious.”

Missionaries and missions administrators have had to adjust to innovations just as much as every other field. More often than not it is the new missionaries who are introducing agency administrators to new developments, who must then decide whether the new ways are better or worse. In the book, Changing World, Unchanging Mission, I discussed contemporary global trends and changes and their missiological implications. As I have continued thinking about technological changes, seven developments are worthy of further consideration for the ways they have changed the way we do missions. Read More

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