Thursday, September 22, 2016

3 Ways to Make Sure Cultural Engagement Doesn't Lead to Mission Drift

In my previous post, I gave two reasons why some Christians resist the term “cultural engagement.” For some, the term is too broad to be effective. There isn’t an overarching ‘culture’ for us to engage. (I affirmed yet questioned that objection in the previous post.)

For others, the term is a slippery slope to worldliness because we are tempted to water down the distinctive doctrines of Christianity in order to become more palatable to society. Or, we are tempted to replace the message of a shameful and bloody cross with activity around a noble and popular cause.

This objection deserves further attention, and I want to respond to it in greater detail in this post.

How do we avoid mission drift as we seek to “engage the culture” or “serve the world” in which God has placed us? Read More

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