Thursday, September 01, 2016

On the Net: "5 Ways to Help Young Leaders Succeed" and More

The Mission Field
5 Ways to Help Young Leaders Succeed

Ron Edmondson shares what he has learned about the processing of helping young leaders to succeed. Read More

21 Go-To New Testament Scriptures for Leaders

“These are the Scriptures I lean into. I pray they refuel your leadership tank as they do mine.” Read More

7 Signs It’s Time to Leave

How do you know when you should stay in your current position in ministry, and when should you go? Read More

4 Downsides of “This Is the Most Important Message Ever!”

People use such strong language to grab attention and to emphasize something that, in the moment, they view as of critical importance. But here are four downsides to every message, announcement, meeting, or event being the most important one in human history, ever. Read More

Three Ways Church Communicators Are Killing The Message

Before you preach one more sermon, stop and ask yourself these three questions. Read More

Seven Keys to Keep Your Church Informed

Jonathan Howe continues his series on church communication strategy. Read More

The Most Solemn Mandate

I don’t think there’s a mandate to be found in sacred Scripture that is more solemn than this one. That we are to teach our children the truth of God’s Word is a sacred, holy responsibility that God gives to His people. And it’s not something that is to be done only one day a week in Sunday school. We can’t abdicate the responsibility to the church. The primary responsibility for the education of children according to Scripture is the family, the parents. And what is commanded is the passing on of tradition. Read More

8 Gifts to Give to Your Church's Children

I’m writing this post to challenge church leaders—primarily, pastors. I’ve written previously that you must be involved in your student and children’s ministry. In this post, I urge you to make it possible for your church’s children to receive these much-needed gifts. Read More

US churches warned of 'lone wolf' terror threat

US churches are being told to arm themselves in preparation for potential terror attacks, following rising threat levels in the UK and growing fears that churches could be targeted. Read More

Another church leader falls victim to Russia's anti-evangelism law

A church leader has been arrested in Russia under the country's new anti-evangelism laws, days after a US missionary was convicted and fined for holding Bible studies in his home. Read More

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