Friday, September 09, 2016

On the Net: Churchless Christianity and More

Stop the Revolution. Join the Plodders.

It’s sexy among young people—my generation—to talk about ditching institutional religion and starting a revolution of real Christ-followers living in real community without the confines of church. Besides being unbiblical, such notions of churchless Christianity are unrealistic. It’s immaturity actually, like the newly engaged couple who think romance preserves the marriage, when the couple celebrating their golden anniversary know it’s the institution of marriage that preserves the romance. Without the God-given habit of corporate worship and the God-given mandate of corporate accountability, we will not prove faithful over the long haul. Read More

8 Old Ideas That Need to Come Back

I’ve been around church long enough now to remember some things that worked well at one point, but that lost their glamour over time. Some still exist, but often in weaker forms than in the past. I’m not arguing that any of these things must come back in the same form we once used, but I do think it’s worth our time to consider bringing back these strategies in a strengthened form. Read More

7 Ways to Demoralize Your Team

ou have the ability to totally demoralize your team....So how does this happen? How can you destroy your team’s morale? Read More

5 Lies Pastors are Tempted to Tell – And How to Resist Them

No one wants bad news. So we're tempted to downplay the negatives, up-sell the positives and call it faith. Read More

After Tweaking 29 Verses, Bible Translation Becomes Unchanging Word of God

The new permanent ESV echoes the example of the KJV. Read More

4 Practical Guidelines for Reading Old Testament Stories

George H.Guthrie offers helpful advise on how to engage the Old Testament stories. Read More

5 Tips for Amateur Prayers

Here are 5 suggestions for amateur prayers – like me. Read More

Rev Gretta Vosper doesn't believe in God, Jesus or Bible: Church panel says enough is enough

Atheist pastor Gretta Vosper should be dismissed from ministry in the United Church of Canada, a Church committee has decided. Read More

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