Monday, September 12, 2016

On the Net: "Finding God's Will for Your Life Is Easier than You Think" and More

Finding God's Will for Your Life Is Easier than You Think

Many Christians overplay the importance of God's specific will, while underestimating the value God's universal will. Read More

Endless, Bottomless, Boundless Grace and Compassion

The New Testament’s most frequent, and indeed most basic, description of the believer is that he or she is a person “in Christ.” The expression and its variants overwhelmingly dominate the teaching of the Apostles. Read More

What God Does With Your Sin

re you distressed by what you’ve done? Do you hear whispers that you have sinned beyond God’s desire or ability to forgive? Let these illustrations comfort you. Listen to—no, see!—all that God does with your sin. Read More

5 Ways to Help the Church Even When You Struggle to Support the Pastor

Here are 5 suggestions to help the church when you don’t support the pastor. Read More

Seven Ways Pastors Can Deal with the Monday Blues

May I offer some suggestions for dealing with the Monday blues? This counsel is actually the aggregation of conversations I’ve had with pastors much wiser than I. Read More

Should Pastors Stop Saying, 'the Bible Says'?

Andy Stanley challenges one of Billy Graham’s favorite phrases. Experts weigh in. Read More

How Can I Know Which Bible Promises Apply to Me?

Which promises do apply to us? Read More

The State of The Church in America: When Numbers Point To A New Reality, Part 1 

Before you dismiss research as unimportant, read this. If facts are our friends, then it's time we listen to them for the good of the Church in America. Read More

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