Wednesday, September 28, 2016

On the Net: "The State of Theology: A Poll of Eternal Significance" and More

The State of Theology: A Poll of Eternal Significance

Over the next few weeks Ligonier Ministries web site will be publishing a series of articles highlighting and helping to interpret the key findings of the Ligonier-LifeWay State of American Theology 2016 Study. Learn More

Evangelicals' Favorite Heresies Revisited by Researchers

Reprising their ground-breaking study from two years ago, LifeWay Research and Ligonier Ministries released an update today on the state of American theology in 2016. Read More

Ligon Duncan on Why ‘No Creed But the Bible’ Is a Lousy Creed

What does it mean to be a confessional church? When making our case for a particular doctrine, is it fine to reference our confession of faith, or would it be best to just stick to Scripture? Isn’t the Bible enough for Christians in establishing our doctrine and practice? Should we demand church members subscribe to a particular view of a third-level doctrine? Read More

Seven Areas Where Pastors Have Failed at Reading Minds

Thom Rainer: "Hardly a week goes by where pastors do not share a story with me about their failure at mind reading." Read More

Crossway Reverses Decision to Make ESV Bible Text Permanent

Amid much public debate, publisher says strategy for a 'stable' Bible was a 'mistake.' Read More

Nine Debatable Thoughts about Contemporary Evangelism

Anyone interested in reaching people for Jesus has to face the reality that culture is changing dramatically – and we have to respond by considering our methods and approaches to evangelism. I understand that reality, but some of the current thoughts about evangelism are worthy of debate. Let me know your thoughts about these positions. Read More

Half Of Scots Say They Aren't Religious

Figures showing further decline in the number of Scots who say they are religious do not represent the full picture, the Church of Scotland has insisted. Read More

Christian Author Philip Yancey: Trump 'Stands Against Everything Christianity Believes

Evangelical author and speaker Philip Yancey has slammed pastors who support Donald Trump, saying he is "staggered" that Christians see him as a hero. Read More

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