Monday, September 19, 2016

On the Net: "Why It’s Time to Give Up On Your Desire for Consensus" and More

Why It’s Time to Give Up On Your Desire for Consensus

Consensus kills courage. Most great new ideas worth anything are divisive out of the gate. Read More

3 Tips from Jesus Recruiting Methods

Recruiting the right people is paramount to the success of any organization and Jesus obviously was the best. Read More

Alignment and 3 Types of Staff Members

Every leader or team member also has a set of values that guide decision-making and behavior. When there is alignment, the church and the staff member are in harmony as their values overlap with one another. Read More

Five Fundamentals for an Evangelical Future 

The sky isn’t falling for evangelicals. Read More

Vast majority of Americans identify as Christian, say faith is very important to them

A significant majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians and consider faith to be very important in their lives, though only a minority are "practising Christians" according to research conducted by the Barna group. Read More

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