Friday, September 16, 2016

Stop Snacking on ‘Scripture McNuggets’

A Bible expert diagnoses the bad habits that keep us from feasting on God’s Word.

We use the Bible as a manual or answer book. We look to it as a talisman or horoscope. We proof-text, cherry-pick, and impose our own biases. The sins against Scripture are numerous and, according to Biblica vice president Glenn R. Paauw, endemic. And don’t get him started on what the Good Book has suffered at the hand of translators and publishers.

Saving the Bible From Ourselves: Learning to Read & Live the Bible Well is Paauw's jeremiad against our tendency to distort, misuse, and misrepresent the Bible. All this mistreatment, Paauw argues, has left us with stunted Scriptures. senior editor Drew Dyck spoke with Paauw about his quest for a bigger Bible. Read More

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