Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Astonishing Power of Small Churches: Strategic Placement

Small churches may be the most overlooked, under-appreciated and underutilized asset on earth. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Over one billion people choose to worship Jesus in small churches.

But the astonishing power of small churches is not just about the numbers. It’s about strategic placement.

This is where our small size becomes our advantage.

Small churches have found their way into every corner of the world.

Laws don’t stop us, distance can’t limit us, and lack of funds won’t discourage us.

In places where Christianity is illegal, our size makes us invisible. Where people have no transportation, our size makes us accessible. Where land is expensive, our size makes us affordable.

Small churches are not a mistake to be fixed or an obstacle to overcome. We may be God’s greatest tool to reach the world. Especially when we join forces with our big- and megachurch brothers and sisters. Read More

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