Saturday, October 08, 2016

Learning the Bible Using the Trivium Method

The Bible is the most important book that has ever been or will ever be published, and the most consequential artifact mankind will ever possess. Because it is the Word of God and God is its main subject, the Bible is also the most important work we’ll every study.

Yet despite its significance, our approach to learning the Bible is often haphazard and disorganized. We may have picked up some Bible stories during childhood or made an effort to study particular doctrines as adults. But for the most part, we don’t know many of the basic details about the Bible and are unsure how the themes of Scripture fit together.

Fortunately, learning the Bible doesn’t require quitting our jobs and attending Bible college or seminary for a remedial education. We can learn how to learn the Bible by applying an ancient method that is popular in the Classical Christian education movement: the Trivium method. Read More

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