Wednesday, October 26, 2016

On the Net: "500 Years After Reformation, No Meeting of Minds Between Catholics And Evangelicals" and More

500 Years After Reformation, No Meeting of Minds Between Catholics And Evangelicals

Evangelical theologians have released a "statement of evangelical convictions" about Roman Catholicism in advance of the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation next Monday. Read More

The One Thing Needed for Latin America’s Reformation

In the West, the main problem has often been liberalism—subtracting from God’s revelation. But in the Global South, our main problem has been heresy—adding to God’s revelation. Read More

When Churches Get the Disappearing Blues

From my observation, here are steps churches take which nullify their witness and shut down their outreach and end their usefulness in the community. Read More

Five Ways to Stop the Decline in Your Church

If you are willing to make changes, to make sacrifices, and to get out of your comfort zones, there is real hope. Read More

My Church Stinks!

What if church size wasn't the primary – often the only – measure of church health? How many pastors would still say “my church stinks" then? Read More

Week #6—What Christians Should Ask of Government: To Not Play God

This is a manuscript from Jonathan Leeman’s class “Christians and Government,” which he is currently teaching through at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. There will be 13 weeks in the class. Here is the course schedule, to be published as it’s taught. Read More

7 Hard Paradigms I Had to Learn to be an Effective Leader

Pastors need to know these. Read More

10 More Thoughts about Today's Preaching

Last year, I posted some thoughts about today’s preaching. Here are some additional reflections.... Read More

Cradle Christians: Protestants Keep the Faith Better Than Catholics or Nones

Pew examines which parents successfully pass their religion to their kids—and whether mom or dad mattered most. Read More

Evangelicals are for Trump, Clinton, and Others

Party affiliation is a much stronger predictor of voting preferences than faith. Read More

Doctor Strange: The Most Theological Marvel Movie So Far

Atheists are really going to hate the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Doctor Strange, the Benedict Cumberbatch-fronted action epic about a superhero who can subvert time and space takes a dim view of the faithless, instead presenting a new dimension to the comic book world which allows for souls, spirits and even eternal life.Read More

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