Thursday, October 27, 2016

On the Net: "Ten Reasons Why Theology Matters" and More

Ten Reasons Why Theology Matters

Most Christians agree theology is important, but can't articulate why. These reasons can help. Read More

The Doctrine of Scripture

The Reformation was built upon the Bible, so we should not be surprised to find in the Reformers a robust doctrine of Scripture. One helpful construct to unpack the doctrine of Scripture involves four key terms: authority, necessity, clarity, and sufficiency. Read More

7 of the Most Dangerous Leadership Mindsets I’ve Observed

A leader could be doing everything else right and one flawed mindset can overshadow – jeopardize all the good leadership principles we know. Read More

The One Vital Ingredient Your Preaching Is Missing: Imagination

What if you’re not tapping into the power of the imagination and your ministry is suffering because of it? Read More

Preach in a Mild State of Panic

I want to question those who advocate full manuscripts and memorized outlines. I invite preachers to consider another way: Stop trying to master a set of notes. Fill yourself with more Scripture, ideas, applications, and illustrations than you could possibly use, then pray, and see what happens. Read More

10 Ways to Improve Announcements

As a pastor, I always struggled with the best way to do announcements. Whatever we did, it never felt right. Over the years, I’ve noted what other churches have done – and I’d do announcements differently than I ever did back then. Here are some suggestions for doing announcements well.... Read More

3 Growing Needs in Missionary Education

Missionaries need a biblical, theological, and missiological foundation. Read More
As missionaries to their community and region, church members also need training.
Russell Moore: If Religious Right Is Not Able To Re-Focus On The Gospel It Deserves To Die

Russell Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, has launched a strong attack on the religious right, saying that it must refocus on a "gospel-centred" evangelism instead of merely pursuing political ends. Read More

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