Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: "Don't Waste the Opportunity: 4 Reasons You Should Go Trick or Treating This Weekend" and More

Don't Waste the Opportunity: 4 Reasons You Should Go Trick or Treating This Weekend

New poll asks "What are pastors telling their congregations?" Read More

Four ways to deal with annoying church members

Whether the thorn in your side is an annoying yet well-meaning personality or a controlling and dangerous deacon, there are several actions we can take to move our hearts toward compassion and love for these souls. Read More

19 Possible Motive-Triggers for Pornography

Often triggers and motive are treated as two distinct things, and there are differences. But those differences are more akin to two sides of the same coin than apples and oranges. In this post you will examine the things that trigger your sexual sin and the motives attached to those triggers. Read More

Should You Pastor a Church You Would Never Attend?

Should you take a ministry position in a church you wouldn’t otherwise attend? Read More

Eight Ways Pastors Can Cultivate Long-Term Tenures

Generally, long-term pastor tenures are better than short-term pastor tenures. The context where the pastor ministers can impact the tenure. The church body can impact the tenure. And the pastor can impact tenure length. Below are eight ways pastors can cultivate their own long-term tenures. Read More

4 Ways Worship Leaders Can Serve Tech Volunteers Better

No matter if you are very close or you barely know the tech guy (or gal) in your church, as a worship leader you can always find new ways to serve them – and with them – better. Read More

Church Communication Blind Spots

Sometimes we have blind spots in our church communication. Read More

8 Tips for Making Your Meals Missional

Following the pattern of Jesus, shared meals can be an occasion for disciple making. Read More

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