Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On the Net: "What Christians Should Do For Government" and More

Week 3—What Christians Should Do For Government: Be the Church Together

his is a manuscript from Jonathan Leeman’s class “Christians and Government,” which he is currently teaching through at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. There will be 13 weeks in the class. Here is the course schedule, to be published as it’s taught. Read More

3 Ways to Increase Alignment on the Team You Lead

How can leaders work to increase the alignment on the teams they lead? Read More

Twelve Key Reasons for Church Staff Conflict

Conflict is certainly not unique with church staff. But among the several reasons for staff conflict, there are some that seem to be more pervasive with these relationships than others. Read More

5 Steps to Discern a Change in Ministry Assignment

How do you know when God is closing one door in ministry and opening another? Read More

10 Tips for Leading Kids to Christ

If you are seeking to influence little ones toward Christ, you might find these ten tips helpful.... Read More

Young Priests 'Too Scared" to Perform Exorcisms

Priests in Italy are finding it difficult to encourage young clergy to take up the rite of exorcism, one of the country's top practitioners has warned. Read More

Hundreds Of Christian Refugees Beaten And Sexually Abused In German Refugee Camps

Hundreds of Christian refugees have been beaten and sexually abused in German refugee camps, a report by the persecution charity Open Doors revealed. Read More

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