Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5+ Churchy Things I'm Thankful For – Even If I Don't Like Them

It's important to distinguish between personal preferences and moral absolutes if we hope to maintain our integrity.

hate opera. And Brussels sprouts. And spiders.

But I'm glad they exist. Because they all serve important functions.

Saying I don't like something is not the same as saying it's bad.

Opera isn't bad. In fact, it's artistically important and brings joy to many people. It just doesn't float my boat.

But sometimes we have a hard time distinguishing between things we dislike and things that are wrong. For too many people, "I don't like it" is virtually indistinguishable from "this is bad."

This lack of discernment is bad. Really and truly bad. Especially in the church.

When we elevate matters of taste to the level of right and wrong, we undercut our moral authority. It causes others to distrust us when we speak on things that truly are wrong.

As mature believers in Jesus – especially as Christian leaders – we should be able to tell the difference between our personal preferences and moral absolutes.

For example, here are five things I dislike, even though I know they have value. (Plus a few bonus mentions at the end.) Read More

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