Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5 Signs You Are a Mature Christian

I’ve written a lot recently about spiritual growth and spiritual maturity. The Bible makes it clear that we can grow in our faith and in holiness. It’s not a linear path, in which we are continually helpless and have no part to play. God tells us we can make steps forward in our relationship him, and is always calling us closer, deeper into his ways.

In fact, growing closer to the Lord is the most important task in your life. More important than reaching your dreams or even fulfilling your calling. Everything you do in life flows from everything you are in Christ.

The Bible clearly distinguishes between those who are spiritually mature and immature. The Bible is full of examples of the immaturity of believers who came to Christ throughout the known world. Paul and the other apostles wrote to them in letters that make up our New Testament, and address some major failures, flaws and struggles. Reading about some of these can actually give us hope for our own lives today!

There are many areas that go into maturity in Christ, but here are five few key signs you are growing mature in Christ. Read More

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