Thursday, November 24, 2016

Donald Trump's First 100 Days: "Five dark clouds hanging over Trump presidency"

People everywhere have been wondering what kind of president Donald Trump will make. Will his shocking statements during the campaign turn out to have been political theater, or a sign of what's to come?

Well, a couple of weeks into the transition, there's much to suggest that what we saw was no act, and that President Trump will implement policies that embody many of the most disturbing traits and statements displayed by candidate Trump.

The list is long, but here are five of the most troubling things we are already seeing. Read More

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Trump has a history of flipflopping on issues, seemingly to soften on an issue, only to return to a hard-line position. The hard-line positions he took during the campaign may have been "bait" but so may his softening on the same issues. Despite how his supporters view him, Trump is not known for being truthful or trustworthy. We would do well to remember two old adages in his case. First, take everything he says with a heaping spoonful - no, an entire tub - of salt. Second, as my grandparents and my mother would say, "actions speak louder than words." With Trump it is best to take a wait and see attitude and to be prepared for the worst.
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