Sunday, November 20, 2016

Donald Trump's First 100 Days (Sunday Edition): Stop Being Trump’s Twitter Fool

By this time you’d expect that people would have figured out when Donald Trump is yanking their chain and pay him the same mind they do phone calls tagged “Out of Area” by Caller ID. But, no. Like Pavlov’s dog, too many of us leap to object or correct the president-elect whenever he composes a deliberately provocative tweet, as he did this morning, commenting on the somber and vaguely lecturing treatment vice-president elect Mike Pence earned from the cast last night at a performance of Hamilton.... Read More

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However Reince Priebus spins it, settling with the plaintiffs comes very close to an admission of guilt. It is an admission that they had good cause to file a civil suit against Trump. The type of case and the circumstances are the determining factors. Some cases are more black-and-white than others.  If the case had gone to trial and the juror had found Trump guilty of fraud, it could have led to criminal fraud charges being filed against Trump. This is not the first time Trump has made this kind of deal. He payed fines rather than face prosecution for civil rights violations and illegal campaign contributions. Each time there was a strong case against him. Each time there has been no admission of fault or wrongdoing.
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