Friday, November 04, 2016

Expanding the Sweet Spot for a Healthy Church Turnaround

There are three primary participants in a local church. God, the pastor and the congregation.

Trying to turn a church from unhealthy to healthy without all three in full cooperation, will lead to frustration, failure and heartache.

Knowing and expanding the zone where the hearts of the pastor and congregation meet up with God’s heart is essential for a successful church turnaround.

This is especially important in a small church. The larger the church, the more likely the heart of the congregation will be an extension of the pastor, often expressed in a mission or vision statement that was crafted by the pastor or leadership team.

But in a small church, the congregation has a personality and a will of its own based on their history and their relationships. Ignore it at your peril, pastor. But when the hearts of all three match up just right, there’s nothing like it. Read More

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