Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On the Net: "3 Assumptions & 5 Realities About Why So Many Churches are Small" and More

3 Assumptions & 5 Realities About Why So Many Churches are Small

Even with the arrival of megachurches, small churches are the primary way people choose to worship Jesus. Read More

3 Common Ways Churches Overcomplicate Their Calendars

How do churches get to an overcomplicated church schedule? How does busyness creep in? Here are three common ways.... Read More

Increasing Evangelism in Church Planting

Can our people articulate a simple gospel message and call men and women to faith in Jesus Christ? Read More

Data Tells a Story … Why Churches Should Track Everything

“We keep track of how big the offering is. We keep good track of attendance. But we honestly don’t use data well. Read More

The Real Twelve Days of Christmas

Celebrating Christ's birth with saints of the faith during the actual Christmas season. Read More

The Intersection of Theology and Worship, Featuring Louie Giglio - Rainer on Leadership #281 [Podcast]

Louie Giglio joins Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe to discuss the wedding of worship and theology and how the Passion movement has made that a cornerstone of its existence for the past two decades. Listen Now

A Quiz: Are You a Teachable Person?

I recognize that I’m not always teachable, so I hesitate to write this post. At the same time, humility is to be a mark of the Christian (James 4:6) – and humility is characterized by teachability. Use these questions to determine how teachable you are. Read More

Why a 1-Hour Church Service Isn’t Enough

People are not experiencing deep transformation in our churches. Can we do discipleship in an hour? I don’t think so. Read More

Growing in Maturity

God has provided specific instruments to lead His people to spiritual maturity. Read More

Does Your Church Need To Think Differently About Mission?

Increasingly churches are finding ways to connect with the community outside of Sunday services.... Read More

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