Friday, November 18, 2016

On the Net: "5 Ways to Stop Decline in a Church" and More

5 Ways to Stop Decline in a Church - Rainer on Leadership # 278 [Podcast]

With 70-80% of churches in decline, many are looking for ways to reverse the trend. These five questions will help you address the issue of decline in your church. Read More

7 Signs of Healthy Empowerment

How to know you have an empowering culture. Read More

As Innocent as a Snake

One of the responsibilities of every Christian, and especially leaders in Christian churches, is to train ourselves to embrace what is good and reject what is evil. We are responsible to fill our hearts and minds with what is good and to empty them of what is evil. Read More

Have Coffee With a Radical: The Value of Listening to People We Disagree With

If we’re only hearing from people who think like us, we're missing out on a lot. Politically, theologically and relationally. Read More

Conservative Anglican Churches Buck Trend Of Decline

Conservative Anglican churches have bucked the trend of decline to show an increase in attendance over the past five years. Read More

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