Monday, November 28, 2016

On the Net: "The Biblical Map To Wisdom" and More

The Biblical Map To Wisdom

Seldom in an assigned writing project is the author given an opportunity to address a theme that permeates Scripture, that is pervasive in both the Old and New Testament. But in this instance, my assignment provides for that and more, since wisdom and the gospel life is a theme crucial to the gospel ministries of evangelism, discipleship, and Christian parenting. In addition, wisdom is a blessing of common grace granted by God to a world of impenitent sinners in His unfathomable kindness. Read More

10 Guest Parking Problems

Most of us who write about church facilities give attention to the importance of guest parking. Some churches, though, still don’t understand why it matters – or they don’t give enough attention to it. Be aware of these guest parking problems our consulting teams have seen in the last several years.... Read More

5 Things The Decline Of Radio And TV Can Tell Us About The Future Of The Church

The world around us continues to change because people are changing with it. The church is never immune from cultural change, and the decline of radio and television give us a window into some of the changes the church is struggling with now and will continue to struggle with in the future. Read More

The History Behind Advent

Many churches lit the first of their Advent candles today (hopefully without needing the fire department!). Even churches averse to liturgical practices find a way to mark the Advent season, if only by marking the days remaining until Christmas.

This is some of the story behind Advent. Read More

Five Personal Leadership Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

I am sharing these five lessons with the hopes and prayers it will help others. These are lessons I’ve learned the hard way because I have too often failed to adjust even when I’ve known I need to do so. Read More

The Devil’s 5 Favourite Strategies: Church Leader Edition

...the greatest mistake I believe you can make with evil is to overestimate or underestimate its influence. It doesn’t have ultimate power, but it also isn’t powerless. Evil is active. And in some way, it’s probably influencing your thought life, ministry, and family right now. At least that’s what the scriptures claim. And Jesus himself acted as though evil was very real. Read More

Most Churches Neglect This Vital Outreach Practice

Seventy-six percent of churches are missing a simple opportunity to increase their outreach impact. Read More

Cohousing: The New American Family

How alternative forms of living are changing communities, challenging the church, and keeping millennials in the fold. Read More

Crossing the Rubicon: Lambeth Resolution I.10, the Church of England, and the Anglican Communion.

Resolution I.10 is not legally binding but commends an essential and persuasive view of an attitude of the Communion. Read More

American Evangelical Self-Preservation And The Destructive Policies Of Donald Trump

Most damaging of all for the evangelical movement, white evangelicals have flipped the script of morality for politicians and undermined their own identity. They have more or less stripped their priorities down to self-preservation and opposition to abortion. You can't have a movement committed to sharing good news to outsiders if you're focused on self-preservation and covering your lack of social justice concern with a single wedge issue. Few will be interested in hearing "good news" from a group like that. Read More
White evangelical support for Donald Trump reveals what amounts to a de facto rejection of the authority of Scripture, as well as a lack of trust in God. It is reminiscent of the attitude of the people of Israel when they clamored for a human king. They had God as their King but they were not satisfied with his divine kingship. They wanted a ruler like the pharaoh of Egypt and the kings of the other nations of the ancient Mid-East. God granted their request but not without warning them that it would be their undoing.

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