Wednesday, November 16, 2016

On the Net: " Four Reasons Sunday Attire Is Important to Christian Millenials" and More

Four Reasons Sunday Attire Is Important to Christian Millenials

Thom Rainer shares the findings from recent interviews with young Christian adults. Read More

12 Ways to Know If You’re Pastoring Like a Boss – Or Like a Leader

There are some simple ways to tell the difference between a boss and a servant leader. And they come from the example of Jesus. Read More

7 Ways to Fuel Creative Thoughts When You’re Stuck

Or when your brain can only think routine.Read More

7 Ways to Help an Musically Challenged, Older Believer Worship

I’m that person. I love to sing God’s praises, but I know nothing about music. I’m also old enough that I’m offered the senior discount at restaurants (even though I actually don’t qualify yet . . .). Here’s how you might help people like me worship better.... Read More

3 Motivations to Hate Sin

Here are three reasons why we should hate sin. Read More

Many Hear the Gospel with Joy but Don’t Continue in the Faith

Jesus says that His true brother is the one who does the will of the Father, not one who simply makes a decision to follow Him. Read More

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