Monday, November 21, 2016

On the Net: "History Shows Us Why Being Evangelical Matters"

Viewpoint: History Shows Us Why Being Evangelical Matters

Evangelicalsm yesterday helps us embrace the label today. Read More

"I Want My Old Church Back!" Five Responses

How can we help church members deal with change? Thom Rainer offers five suggestions. Read More

Small Church America: Crossroads North Gives New Identity to Old Church Building

This is a story of death and resurrection, and we’re just trying to be faithful in moving into that. Read More

7 Absolutely Certain Ways to Grow as a Leader

These will work every time! Read More

10 Easy Ways To Blow Your Influence As A Leader…Without Even Trying

How do you end up losing influence as a leader, without even trying? Read More

7 Counter-Cultural Opportunities Most Church Leaders Simply Miss

When a culture becomes post-Christian, it not only means that biblical memory fades, it means people lose the ability to navigate or handle some of the things they used to know how to do. Read More

10 Days of Simple and Strategic Prayer in Preparation for the Holiday Season

We have ten days left in November, and then only one month left in 2016. These next several weeks are often some of the busiest ones in the life of a church, especially as we prepare to celebrate our Lord’s birth. Think about using this post to guide your church’s praying for the rest of this month. Read More

Why Christian Kids Leave the Faith

Few things are sadder to witness than people who once professed faith leaving it all behind. This is especially true when those people were raised in Christian homes by God-fearing parents. These children were given every opportunity to put their faith in Jesus but determined instead to turn their backs on him. Why would they make such a tragic choice? Read More

5 Reasons You Should Send Your Kids to Public School

If we remove all the Christian kids from public schools, who will influence the remaining kids for Christ? Read More
We are not being faithful to Jesus and the gospel when we seek to live in a Christian bubble.
5 Evangelism Tips for Your Small Group

Simple and quick exercises added to small-group meetings can excite and encourage people to take their faith stories out into the community. Read More

How Gypsies have moved from fortune-telling to fervent Christianity

At a time when large numbers of people are drifting away from formal religion, one church is bucking the trend. Huge numbers of Gypsies and travellers in England now say they've joined a new movement called Light and Life. Those who join have given up drinking alcohol and fortune-telling, and many have even abandoned their traditional Catholic faith. Read More

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