Wednesday, November 02, 2016

On the Net: "The Two Most Common Practices in Healthy Churches" and More

The Two Most Common Practices in Healthy Churches

After looking at tens of thousands of churches over the past several years, I would be negligent if I did not note these two common practices in the healthiest of the churches. These practices showed up again and again. Read More

Les McKeown on Getting Your Church or Organization into a Place of Predictable Success [Podcast]

How do some organizations and churches get themselves into a place of regular, predictable success? It’s less mysterious than you think. Author and business leader Les McKeown takes you through the seven stages of every organization’s life cycle, from early struggle to death rattle, and shows you how to find predictable success. Listen Now

12 Benefits Your Church Might Provide Your Pastor

I want churches to take good care of their pastors. Your church may not be in a position to offer all these benefits, but perhaps you could work toward providing them as you work on your 2017 budget. Read More

What It’s Really Like for China’s Urban Christians

The most conservative estimates place the number of Christians in China around 70 million, with other estimates claiming tens of millions more. And, as Brent Fulton notes in his book China’s Urban Christians: A Light that Cannot Be Hidden, the 500 million who have flocked to China’s cities over the last three decades are partly responsible for the astounding growth of Christianity in the country’s cultural and political centers. Read More

Evangelicals Across The Spectrum Are Clarifying Marriage As A Core Belief

For Evangelicals, same-sex marriage is not an "agree to disagree" issue. Read More

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