Wednesday, November 30, 2016

On the Net:"Five Dangers of the Church Cartel" and More

Five Dangers of the Church Cartel

A church cartel is an alliance of bullies, bully-followers, carnal Christians, and even non-Christians in the church. Its ultimate goal is to get its way. It feeds off of selfish power. Read More

7 Ways to Fix a Toxic Church Culture

Until the leader steps up and takes responsibility for a toxic church culture, the church will remain in trouble. Read More

Was Jesus Married to Mary Magdalene? Revisiting a Stubborn Conspiracy Theory

Theories pop up, are quickly refuted by the academy, and then, just when you think they have gone away, they pop again. Some theories just keep coming back. Read More

Has God Called You to Vocational Christian Ministry?

Two resources helped me answer that question when I was in high school and college.... Read More

Preacher’s Toolkit: How Can Expository Sermons Avoid Being Wooden and Uncreative?

“Preacher’s Toolkit” is a monthly series that seeks to answer questions related to preaching. Read More

A Congregant’s Guide to Preaching

As a pastor I don’t simply want my congregation to hear preaching, I want them to know something of what preaching is. I want them to listen but I want them to listen in an informed way. Read More

Foundations for Personal Bible Study

Using the HEAR journaling method, my friend Robby Gallaty lays out 4 simple steps to help any student of the Scriptures read, understand, and apply the Word of God to their own life. The steps are simple and easy to remember.... Read More

Evangelism, Without the Weird Aftertaste

How to share the gospel without making other people—or ourselves—so uncomfortable. Read More

Religion More Important Than Race Or Class In US Election - Analysis

Religious identity was more important than class or race in the US election, analysis published by PRRI suggests. Read More

Two Thirds Of People Could Not Spot Child Abuse In Faith Setting

Two thirds of people could not identify child abuse linked with certain beliefs or faiths, according to research published on Wednesday. Read More

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