Monday, November 14, 2016

Why Trump's Election Made Me Want To Stop Calling Myself A Christian

I spent a considerable amount of time last Wednesday considering whether I should stop calling myself a Christian. That's not because I stopped believing in Jesus, but rather because I do believe in him.

As people told me not to worry because ultimately 'God's in control', evangelical leaders laid out their own personal defences of arguably the most immoral man the US has ever elected as President, and those close to me who don't believe in Jesus asked: 'How could Christians have voted Trump in?' – I started to feel seriously out of place in my own faith.

I can understand some of the reasons evangelical leaders voted for Trump, and I know many have their own moral framework that would make it difficult to vote Democrat, but what stunned me to silence was the unashamed belief and assertion that Trump's victory in the US elections was undoubtedly all in God's plan. No 'flawed candidate' rhetoric, no language of tough choices and imperfections on both sides, but unapologetic endorsement backed up with pick-and-mix theology. Read More

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