Friday, December 30, 2016

5 Things That Are Not So Wrong with the Church

One of my favorite books, which is out of print today, is W. A. Criswell’s Look Up, Brother. The subtitle is great – “The Buoyant Assertion of What’s Right with Us.” Criswell sought to combat our critical mindset and affirm some things that were right about the church.

Granted, the church is off balance. But we’re always off balance. The church is a lot like a pendulum trying to find its center point while the forces surrounding it continue to move it to one side or the other.

But have we failed? No. We can’t. We are guaranteed victory. We’re on the winning side.

We’re losing ground. We’re struggling to transform our culture. But as I read books and blogs, all claiming to have the biblical diagnosis and cure for what’s wrong with the church today, I’m also determined to stop and realize some things that are right.

There are some trends I see that are good and positive, and deserve celebration and affirmation. Read More

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