Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Donald Trump's First 100 Days: "Lawyer: 'Appalled' by FBI warrant that shook Clinton"

The FBI warrant that shook Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign in its final two weeks has been unsealed, and the lawyer who requested it says it offers "nothing at all" to merit the agency's actions leading up to the Nov. 8 election....

"I see nothing at all in the search warrant application that would give rise to probable cause, nothing that would make anyone suspect that there was anything on the laptop beyond what the FBI had already searched and determined not to be evidence of a crime, nothing to suggest that there would be anything other than routine correspondence between" Clinton and Abedin, Schoenberg said in an email to USA TODAY. It remains unknown "why they thought they might find evidence of a crime, why they felt it necessary to inform Congress, and why they even sought this search warrant," he said. "I am appalled." Read More
In the words of the immortal bard, "much ado about nothing."
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Trump won the election but he lost the popular vote. This means that he does not have a popular mandate despite his claim that he does and the belief of 52% of Republicans polled that he does. It means that far more Americans voted against him than voted for him. His only advantage, which is his to lose, is that his party dominates Congress. He has only the qualified support of many Republican congressional leaders. That could change if he does not go along with their agenda or oversteps that agenda. Right now Trump supporters are willing to make excuses for the new president. Will they be willing two years from now? Four years from now? Trump may be their man but are they his?
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