Monday, December 05, 2016

Donald Trump's First 100 Days: "Trump's tariff plan hits a hurdle: Congressional Republicans"

President-elect Donald Trump's plan to use steep tariffs to punish companies that move overseas is running into an obstacle: Congressional Republicans.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned Monday that such an approach could cause a trade war. A better way to achieve the goal of keeping companies in the U.S. and growing jobs would be to rewrite the tax code and lower corporate rates, McCarthy said.

"I think that's a better way of solving the problem than getting into a trade war with a 35 percent tariff," the California Republican told reporters at the Capitol. "We've got to have a level playing field, that companies in America can compete on a level playing field across the world, and right now we do not have one." Read More
I had originally planned to post an article from the same website on Trump's ongoing campaign against the media. However, the article was rewritten and the references to his attacks on the media at his "Thank You" rally deleted even though the article's headline was retained. I thought that it was disingenuous for Trump to characterize the media as dishonest when he himself has repeatedly made false statements and disseminated misinformation. Indeed his attacks on the media, while they may play well with his base, as the original article observed, are reminiscent of the Nazis' attacks on the press in the 1930s. The Nazis sought to discredit the press and silence it with the slur, the “L├╝genpresse,”or "lying press. They did not want the press exposing the Nazi Party's propaganda for what it was and mobilizing opposition to the party. With his attacks on the media and his early morning twitter storms Trump is showing that he really is not presidential material. He is certainly not someone whom Christians, evangelical or otherwise, should be supporting. 
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