Friday, December 02, 2016

On the Net: "3 Principles for Launching a Volunteer Leadership Pipeline" and More

3 Principles for Launching a Volunteer Leadership Pipeline

Here are three principles and accompanying questions for getting started with volunteer leaders. Read More

Dear Pastor, How to Survive and Thrive During Christmas

Having survived a number of Christmases in ministry, here are a few things that can help you survive and thrive during Christmas. Read More

The Relationship between a Pastors and a Worship Leader Featuring Jim Shaddix - Rainer on Leadership #282 [Podcast]

Jim Shaddix joins Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe to discuss what a healthy relationship between the pastor and worship leader looks like in the local church. Listen Now

You Need to Explain What You Do on Sunday Mornings

In our worship program (bulletin, Order of Service, Missional Framework for Gospel Centered Communal Experience… or whatever you like to call it) we not only include the complete liturgy, but also a section titled, "Why Do We Do That?" Read More

An Evangelism Equation for Non-Evangelists

Most of our church members are ready to grow in their faith as well as share that faith. They just feel unequipped to do so. Read More

8 Steps to Reaching a Lost Loved One

Tomorrow would have been the 78th birthday of my dad, who passed away four years ago. He became a believer at age 71 (click here to hear my testimony of his conversion). Maybe these steps will help you if you’re trying to reach a lost loved one. Read More

If America Was A Village Of 100 People, 89 Of Them Would Believe In God

If the population of the United States was distilled into a village of just 100 people, just nine of them would be atheists. Read More

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