Thursday, December 22, 2016

On the Net: "5 surprisingly simple reasons your church may not be growing" and Much More

5 surprisingly simple reasons your church may not be growing

Having preached in tons of churches across the nation and having personally interviewed hundreds of pastors and thousands of youth pastors I'm convinced there are at least 5 big reasons why your church may not be experiencing significant growth. Read More

I don’t have to understand it all in order to believe

I do not understand all the prophecies of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation.

Nor do you.

Nor is it necessary that we do. Read More

10 Gifts to Give That Don't Cost Money

Christmas can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we usually give gifts that don’t last anyway. This Christmas, give one of these gifts to someone.... Read More

What Evangelicals Can Love about Mary [Podcast]

Beeson Divinity School dean Timothy George joined assistant editor Morgan Lee and editor-in-chief Mark Galli this week to discuss how Mary models discipleship, what the reformers thought of her, and whether or not Protestants should pray to her. Listen Now

5 Things for Which All Leaders Should Pray

Leaders have a great responsibility. By the very nature of their role, they are responsible for guiding others. They are responsible for stewarding the talents and skills of people for a greater good. It is a responsibility that most choose to avoid.

For those who choose to take on this responsibility, prayer becomes a necessity. But what should a leader pray for? Here are five things for which all leaders should pray.... Read More

Know Your Audience: 8 Principles for Speaking Effectively in Any Situation

Speaking effectively has more to do with how well you listen than how much you talk. Read More

5 Bible Inputs to Grow, Grow, Grow

r/> At one recent conference Rico Tice spoke about reading the Bible on four different levels. I am going to borrow his framework and develop it in my own way. So here are five Bible inputs that will help you grow upwards in Christ.... Read More

Peace On Earth This Christmas? Five Places That Need Your Prayers

Here are some places to pray for and think about while we gather with our loved ones this festive season.... Read More

The Gospel Compels Hospitality

For the Christian, hospitality is not just an act to be performed; it is a posture to be assumed. Read More

How to Respond When People Say ‘No’ to Jesus (Part 1)

InterVarsity evangelist offers words of encouragement. Read More

I recommend sharing this article with your congregation if you are a pastor or with your small group if you are a small group leader or member.
Why Can’t Christians Just Join the Revolution?

Why not just join the revolution? This question seems obvious to many people who look at conservative Christians and honestly wonder why we cannot just change our views on homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and the entire constellation of LGBT issues. We are constantly told that we must abandon the clear teachings of the Bible in order to get “on the right side of history.” Read More

Pray for Aleppo? Survey Says Fewer Christians Pray for Refugees

World Vision president sees ‘America’s heart closing’ to Syria and Iraq. Read More
Caught up in the growing anti-immigrant sentiments in the United States and Europe Christians forget that Jesus himself was once a refugee and that the Scriptures teach that we should treat the strangers and the sojourners in our midst with kindness. Our homeland is also not here on earth but in heaven.
Prince Charles Hits Out Against Religious Persecution [Video]

Prince Charles has hit out against religious persecution around the world and spoken about "Our Lord Jesus Christ" in an unprecedented appearance on the Thought for the Day slot on BBC Radio 4's Today programme. Watch Now
Also see Prince Charles warns against religious persecution, Britain's Prince Charles Says Anti-Immigrant Populism Echoes Nazis and Charles' Thought for the Day sermon mixes religion with politics

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