Thursday, December 08, 2016

On the Net: "6 Reasons America’s Top Evangelism Churches Are Reaching the Unchurched" and More

6 Reasons America’s Top Evangelism Churches Are Reaching the Unchurched

If you want to see more people coming to Christ, the answer is not just finding the silver-bullet program. Read More

Does Jesus Want Every Church to Be a Big Church?

Let’s stop arguing about which church size is best, and start seeing what’s best about each size. Read More

Is the Virgin Birth Essential?

The accounts of Jesus’s birth in Matthew (chapter 1) and Luke (chapters 1-2) are clear and unequivocal: Jesus’s birth was not ordinary. He was not an ordinary child, and his conception did not come about in the ordinary way. His mother Mary was a virgin, having had no intercourse prior to conception and birth. By the Holy Spirit, Mary’s womb became the cradle of the Son’s incarnation (Matt. 1:20; Luke 1:35). Read More

Who Exactly Am I Preaching To?

Crafting a message for your—yes your—congregation. Read More

14 Words of Advice for Guest Preachers

My role at Midwestern has allowed me to see many young seminarians receive invitations to preach as pulpit supply for pastors and local congregations in our region. It can be quite a rewarding assignment if handled well, but it can also be nerve-wracking if you don’t follow proper decorum. Through many trials and travails of my own, I have gathered for you 14 tried-and-true rules of thumb to which I try to adhere when I am called upon to be a guest preacher. What an immense stewardship you have been given! Take it seriously young proto-pastor. Read More

9 Reasons a Church Choir Is Important

I like a choir, and I think a church without one might be missing something. I am not arguing here that every church should have a choir (I, in fact, attend a young church that does not have one), but I do think a choir is worth considering. Here’s why.... Read More

Five Keys to Better Blogging in 2017

If you’re considering blogging again in 2017 or are just looking to improve your current blogging, here are five tips to help you blog better in the new year. Read More

No Shortcuts to Growth

We laugh at the world’s spiritual magic, only to baptize it and practice it ourselves. Read More

Ed Stetzer: Stand and Share—Part 1

Through many different means, we need to share the gospel. We need to share it often, graciously and winsomely. Read More

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