Thursday, December 15, 2016

On the Net: "He Came Down: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" and Much More

He Came Down: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever [Video]

From Speaklife in the UK. Watch Now

How Lee Kricher Made His Aging Church Young Again [Podcast]

What does it take to transform a dwindling congregation into a spiritual home for future generations? Listen Now

8 Last-Minute Christmas Outreach Ideas

Is it too late for Christmas outreach? As it turns out, it’s never too late—and we’ve got a trunkful of ideas to prove it. Read More

Megachurch World: The Multisite Movement Goes Global

Churches are not just starting campuses across town, but across the world. Read More

10 Ways to Be a Christian This Christmas

Whether you love every nook and cranny about the holidays—or consider most of it “noise, noise, noise!”—there is no excuse to be grinchy and scroogeish. Here are ten ways we can remember to be Christians this Christmas. Read More

No Gullible Bumpkins Here: Christmas and the Virgin Birth

Christmas tells the story of two impossible births. Read More

3 Risks of Personality Tests

As I recently wrote, utilizing a personality test with the team you lead can foster a greater appreciation and communication among team members. But there are some cautions. Here are three ways we can misuse personality tests. Read More

Demons, Leaders, and Resurrection

I know it’s the Christmas season, but this post focuses on the topic of resurrection. However, it’s not about the resurrection of Jesus; it’s about the enemy’s wanting to “resurrect” issues in the lives of believers. Here are some things the enemy wants to resurrect in your life, especially if you’re a church leader.... Read More

15 Lessons Life Has Taught Me

And you should learn.... Read More

Deal-Breakers: 7 Ways God May Tell a Pastor to Leave a Church

Long-term pastorates are almost always good for the church and the pastor. But when these things happen, it's time to go. Read More

PREACHING MATTERS: The Value of Teaching Books More than Once [Video]

Why is it valuable to teach through Bible books more than once? What are some advantages of teaching books numerous times? Why do people often object to teaching books of the Bible more than once? Doesn't St Helen's just teach the same couple of books each year? How can we get better at repeating books in our regular Bible-teaching programmes? Watch Now

Why Are Jesus’ Genealogies in Matthew and Luke Different?

This post is adapted from Four Portraits, One Jesus: Jesus’ Birth, Childhood, and Early Ministry, an online course taught by Dr. Mark Strauss. Sign up for free while the course is still available. Read More

How to Help Your Children Become Better Sermon Listeners

I was recently asked, “How would you explain to children in grade school what a sermon is and what they should be doing during the sermon?” I thought it might be a good question to answer in an article since I have frequently had similar questions over the years. Read More

Seven Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been encouraging you to start blogging in 2017. If you’re considering starting or restarting your blog in 2017 or even continuing your current blog, here are seven mistakes you need to avoid. Read More

Pieces of God’s Perfect Plan

It’s only when we fully submit ourselves to God that we get a sense of the big picture of his plan for us. Read More

Is the Sin of Gluttony Really that Serious?

That question was asked by a church member as I recently preached on gluttony. Why might we ask? Christian culture approves of giggling about gluttony in ways that it would never bless laughing at lust. We probably laugh more comfortably about gluttony because the right use of food and drink is a very public matter where the right use of sex is a very private matter. Read More

Pagan Priest Wins Right To Wear Horns In Driver's Licence Photo

A pagan priest has won the right to wear goat's horns on his head for his driver's licence photo. Read More

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