Saturday, December 03, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: Vital Leadership" and More - UPDATED

Vital Leadership

Alvin examines how church leaders can revitalize their churches through the recovery of the gospel in a five-part series. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

New: How to Prevent a Dysfunctional Vision

Vision is imperative. Senior pastors and church leaders need to know where they’re leading the church. A clear vision provides direction, motivation, and filters decisions. Clearly communicating the vision fuses incredible momentum into a church.

However.... Read More

New: Christmas: Not a time for inventing new twists on the age-old story

Just tell the story. Read More

10 Ways to Be Generous This December That Do Not Require Any Shopping

Being generous in December does not always require a shopping cart (physical or electronic). There are ways you can be generous that do not require any shopping at all. Here are a few suggestions.... Read More

10 Keys to Reaching Unchurched People at Christmas - Rainer on Leadership #275 [Podcast]

Christmas is right around the corner for churches, so today we discuss 10 ways your church can better reach those in your community this Christmas. Listen Now

Why December 25?

For the church's first three centuries, Christmas wasn't in December—or on the calendar at all. Read More

Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?

The history behind evergreens, ornaments, and holiday gift giving. Read More

How Your Control Freak Tendencies Stunt Your Church’s Growth

Here are 5 insights that help me remember that controlling everything means you will eventually end up leading nothing significant. Read More

7 Tips to Make Your Sermons Shorter

Recently, I wrote an article about five reasons why I preach shorter sermons. I’ve established the WHY behind preaching shorter sermons, and in this post I want to explain the HOW behind decreasing your sermon length. Read More

Public Schools Are Changing. Should Your Church?

Four lessons for your children’s ministry and your adults. Read More

Using Self-Examination for Spiritual Formation

8 Habits to Develop for Spiritual Formation (Part 1) Read More

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