Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: "Small Towns Are Unique" and Much, Much More

Small Towns Are Unique

Significant differences exist between small towns and larger cities when it comes to being on mission. Below are four factors that significantly affect mission in small towns. Some of these have a positive effect on mission; others, a negative effect. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it’s a good starting point for analyzing and discussing the unique factors that affect mission in a small town. Read Part 1 Read Part 2

What You Need to Know Before Joining a Church

Before we attend a church, we should know that it is a legitimate church. Now, obviously, if the sign on the front of the church reads “Church of Satan,” we know it isn’t a legitimate body of Christian believers. But what about churches that are not legitimate for less obvious reasons? Some religious bodies claim to be Christian that, in my judgment and in the judgment of many Christians, are not Christian churches or are apostate bodies. Even attending their services may be a sin. We can’t expect a church to be perfect. But does it hold to the essentials of the faith? Does it practice a basic, sound belief in the deity of Christ and aspects of Christ that we find outlined in the New Testament? Read More

When a Pastor is a Growth Barrier: The Value of a Strong Work Ethic

God made us to work; sin made work frustrating and difficult. Read More

The Painful Reality of Church Bully Cartels - Rainer on Leadership #286 [Podcast]

Church bully cartels are a very real problem in too many churches. Today Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe look at cartels and how to confront them when they are present in your church. Listen Now

That’s Christmas! [Video]

This film brings Christmas back to it's roots. The real Christmas. Where the manger mings, the baby cries and where a star really shone. The Christmas that is for everyone, everywhere. Watch Now

Building Vibrant Guest Service Teams [Podcast]

Learn how to build your guest services team. Listen Now

Pastoring the Difficult Guest Services Dilemmas [Podcast]

Learn how to deal with difficult guest services situations. Listen Now

7 Simple Ideas to Strengthen Your Marriage

Do you want to strengthen your marriage? No, there’s not a formula. But, maybe some of these ideas can help. Read More

A Trustworthy Wife

So, what does a trustworthy wife look like in particular? A husband trusts a godly wife to.... Read More

Being A Wife On Staff

In my last post I gave some hints for handling the pressures associated with being married to a man in full-time ministry. Today, I’d like to share two thoughts on another relationship that has implications for the way you relate to your husband. Read More

Relating to Staff as a Wife on Staff

Cathie Heard focuses on the the potentially difficult job of relating to staff as the minister’s wife. Read Part 1 Read Part 2

Help, I’m the Old Guy on Staff! (How to Manage Millennials with Mercy)

Okay, at almost 60, maybe I am old, but I’m learning some things about relating to millennials. I’ll get there in a second, but let’s first attempt to describe who is what. Read More

Servant Leadership: Can We Walk the Talk?

Despite having charisma, authority, and conviction, Jesus didn’t emphasize them. Instead, He emphasized humility and service. Read More

10 Guiding Principles For Inspiring A Culture Of Appreciation

In “O Great One!,” David Novak, co-founder of YUM! Brands shares ten guiding principles for inspiring a culture of recognition. If you’re a leader, you need remind yourself these principles every single day. His short read illustrates powerful ways every leader can harness the power of recognition. Read More

When it's Time to Remove a Leader [Podcast]

Learn how to handle the difficulties of needing to remove someone from leadership. Listen Now

Staffing the Right People in the Right Positions [Podcast]

Hire the right person(s) the first time. We can help you learn how. Listen Now

Should Pastors Give to Their Church?

The quick answer is yes, the pastor should give to his church. Here are a few reasons why.... Read More

3 Financial Tips for Pastors

Here are three simple pieces of financial advice that I hope will help pastors. Read More

Christmas Songs Are Freedom Songs

Advent offers an incredible opportunity to meditate on the person, work, wonder, and hope of Christ. Read More
Stephen Miller makes some good points but he confuses the season of Advent with the season of Christmas. Advent has its own songs. Christmas songs should be reserved for the Christmas Season - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the Twelve Days of Christmas that follow Christmas Day.
7 Steps from Student to Missionary

Here are seven steps to going from student to missionary. Read More

5 Lies Your Website is Telling About Your Church

Visitors are likely making first assumptions about your church from its website. As such, it’s worth considering whether your site is being a faithful greeter to guests or if it’s spreading unintentional lies about who you really are. Here are five digital dishonesties your website (or lack of one) might be guilty of communicating. Read More

17 Of The Best Church Websites This Christmas

I know many people are looking for the best church website designs at Christmas. Why? Because so many visit my previous posts like this one. Read More

Anti-Discrimination Legislation Threatens Basic Freedoms Say US Religious Leaders

US government policies designed to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity pose a significant threat to freedom of religion, major US evangelicals have claimed. Read More

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