Thursday, January 26, 2017

7 Ways To Live Out The Gospel In A Post-Truth, Post-Fact Culture

Regardless of where your politics lean, many would sense that American culture is quickly becoming both post-truth and post-fact.

It’s happening right before our eyes.

Don’t like the outcome of what’s happening? Claim it never happened. Bothered by what the data says? Offer your own data, even if you have to make it up.

The rise (and influences of) fake news and the rapid polarization of opinion across every platform is staggering.

If you’re alarmed by the shift, you’re not alone.

For a whole host of reasons (I list several below), the stakes are high. Probably higher than most of us think, both personally and for the church.

The depth of the change is hard to see, but I think it’s deep and dangerous.

Whenever you’re in the middle of a passage from one phase of history to the next, you never see it clearly. It’s too easy to drink whatever color of Kool-Aid you prefer, only to later learn that you’re dying. (The people who followed Jim Jones might agree with that.)

Fortunately, the church has a unique role to play in it. Play it well, and everyone (including the culture) wins. Play it poorly, and it could end poorly for everyone—us, our kids, the church, our countries, the world.

So how did we get here? What’s changing? And most importantly, how should you respond?

I don’t claim to see it perfectly at all. I offer these words in the hope they help.

So, some thoughts that I hope might help those of us who are Christians regardless of our political leanings. Read More

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