Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Could The Environment Be The Issue On Which Christians Break Ranks With Donald Trump?

If some people laughed when Donald Trump famously claimed that climate change is a Chinese hoax to keep American companies uncompetitive, they are not laughing now.

Just days into his presidency, Trump has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to delete all material related to climate change from its website.

"If the website goes dark, years of work we have done on climate change will disappear," one official told Reuters soon after the order to shut down the website was sent yesterday. Read More

Will exploiting the fossil fuel reserves of Canada and the United States really make the United States energy-independent? What about future generations of North Americans? The coal, natural gas, and oil once it is extracted from the ground and used cannot be replaced. Canada and the United States do not have inexhaustible fossil fuel reserves.

Tapping these reserves is not the way to true energy independence. Developing renewable sources of energy and reducing our reliance upon coal, natural gas, and oil is. So is developing energy-efficient forms of transportation that are not fossil-fuel reliant.

Jesus taught his disciples to do to others as they would have done to them and to love their neighbor as themselves. Christians who take his teaching seriously will not support short-sighted energy policies that deplete North America’s fossil fuel reserves and which contribute to environmental pollution and greenhouse gas production. While they may not live next door, future North Americans are our neighbors. Being pro-life means not only protecting today’s unborn but the future’s unborn, protecting them from the effects of environmental pollution and climate change.

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