Monday, January 23, 2017

Facts Are Our Friends: Why Sharing Fake News Makes Us Look Stupid and Harms Our Witness

Christians are supposed to be the people who think the "truth will set you free."

The Trump Administration is off to a bad start with the truth… and on things that just don’t matter.

On Sunday, President Trump claimed that the media under-reported the crowd size at his swearing-in ceremony. His press secretary doubled down, in a now widely-debunked claim that his was the largest crowd in the history of inaugurations.

But who cares how many people came to the inauguration? Seriously, who cares?

In fact, it’s easy to understand why the attendance might be down: Clinton won the states near D.C., meaning that the incoming President’s supporters had to travel farther to attend than in previous years; the most recent inaugurations were historic because Obama was the first black president, so there were many who wanted to attend in person; there was forecasted rain, so some people would stay home.

At the end of the day, however, to most of us, that number doesn’t even matter.

Yet the Trump Administration is starting with a new version of facts—called “alternative facts” by Trump’s spokeswoman.  That’s not helpful. Read More

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