Saturday, January 14, 2017

SCRIPTURE: Is it really all we need?

In 1955, when T.C. Hammond came to the 6th of his reflections on the 39 articles, he did something different. He didn’t write one piece for the ACR. He wrote two. And then followed them up with a third piece in the next issue. Why? Why this extra attention on Article 6? It seems that in this article he saw a watershed moment. Articles 1-5 covered doctrines which were foundational, but they were largely accepted by the Christian community. Article 6 was different. It was contested. And as with any point of contention this presented a choice – a choice to speak less and move on or to talk more, in love, about what it means. T.C. chose to do the latter.

Article six is still a watershed moment. It is still contested. And we still have a choice: to speak less and move on, or to talk more, in love, about what it means. Let us be people of the Lord by being people of his word.

Given the significance of Article 6, we’re going to follow T.C.’s lead and spend the next few weeks reflecting on the sufficiency and authority of scripture in our ACR Vault articles. First we’ll hear from T.C. and then from D.B. Knox through a pair of extended articles he wrote in 1948. So to kick off, here’s the first of T.C.’s reflections on article 6. Enjoy. Read More

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