Friday, February 10, 2017

10 Steps to Get an Internship Ministry Started In a Small Church

Most small churches would love to have interns. But how do you overcome that massive initial step of getting your first intern?

Interning at a church is one of the best ways to prepare for pastoral ministry. Or to determine that pastoral ministry is not your calling (a distinction that is essential to know - and the sooner, the better.)

It’s also a wonderful opportunity for a church to expand its ministry outreach by participating in training the next generation of church leaders.

As I mentioned in a recent post, 7 Reasons to Consider a Small Church Internship, a small church may be one of the best places for a lot of students to do their internship.

Since that post, I’ve received several requests from pastors to share what we’ve learned about running an internship program in a small church.

I’m blessed to have a great youth pastor, Gary Garcia, who oversees our interns. So he and I sat down and reverse-engineered what we’ve learned in our 15 years of offering internships at Cornerstone. We broke it down into two sets of challenges, worthy of two separate blog posts.

The first challenge is starting your program. Specifically, how do you get your first intern? That’s the subject of today’s post. In an upcoming second post I’ll address how to run an effective internship once you have the intern(s). Read More

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