Wednesday, February 08, 2017

7 Ways to Eliminate Church Hoppers From Your Congregation

Two of the most dangerous influences any church faces are (1) spiritual leaders who have lost their first love and (2) the onslaught of church hoppers.

Having wavered before in my faith and flirted with losing God as my first love, I know firsthand how dangerous the first one can be. But that’s something we spiritual leaders have control over. The second one … not so much.

I call church hoppers “connoisseurs of fine churches” because they’re continually on a quest to find the church that is spiritual enough for them, will endlessly engorge themselves on the “services” of the churches they attend, and always have a critical word to say whenever “church” doesn’t meet their standards.

Here are seven things we try to do to keep church hoppers from staying in the seats of our church for very long. Read More

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