Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Five Principles to Help Pastors and Staff to Know When to Compromise

“I’ll never compromise!”

“It’s a matter of principle. I’m sticking to my guns!”

Some of the most painful wounds in ministry are self-inflicted. But, sometimes, compromise is in order.

Compromise. Ugh.

I know. We don’t like that word. It sounds like we are weak. It connotes a person without conviction, leaders who are yielding their leadership mantle.

It’s especially problematic for those who serve in local church ministry. You have been trained to be a person of conviction. You proclaim the Word of God without compromise. You don’t yield. Ever.

But compromising is indeed a necessary trait for leaders, even leaders in the local church. Perhaps especially for those in ministry.

Allow me then to offer five basic principles of compromising for those who serve the local church. Read More

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