Thursday, February 09, 2017

Four Steps toMake Your Church Communications More Efficient

Bigger. Stronger. Faster.

It’s a mantra you hear from professional athletes and coaches all the time. Successful athletes and teams are often the ones who simply can do more than their opponents. That typically works in sports. But does it translate to other areas of life? Not always.

When it comes to business, efficiencies are often more important than being the biggest, strongest, or fastest. It doesn’t always matter if your sales are the greatest or if you have more customers. If your margins are low and your overhead is eating away your profits, efficiency can mean much more than size.

But what about churches?

More specifically, what about church communications?

I would suggest that instead of being concerned with simply communicating more, churches should be focused on communicating more efficiently and effectively. These four steps will help your church determine what efficient communications look like in your context. Read More

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