Thursday, February 02, 2017

Observing Baptism as a Means of Grace

Take a moment to recall the last time you observed a baptism. It was likely during a worship service. The pastor surely took time to remind the congregation of what baptism is and what it represents. Once the sacrament had been administered, the congregation may have responded with applause. It was a special moment for the one being baptized and his or her family. But if you’re a believer, it was intended to be special for you too.

Christians believe baptism is a means of grace for the one being baptized. What some do not realize is that baptism is also a means of grace for believers as they observe the baptism of others. The Westminster Larger Catechism says observing the baptism of others gives us an opportunity to practice “the needful but much neglected duty of improving our baptism” (Q&A 167). We improve our baptism by seeking to experience its meaning in deeper and more powerful ways and by living out its implications. While we can think about the meaning of baptism any time, we can do this in a unique way when we observe a baptism. Read More

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