Tuesday, February 28, 2017

On the Net: "Cities and Multiculturalism: Two Trends in Church Planting Today" and More

Cities and Multiculturalism: Two Trends in Church Planting Today

God can be at work in more than one place at a time. Read More

Seven Ways to Get Members More Involved

Most of us who lead churches have regular attenders who aren’t involved in the congregation. These folks sometimes frustrate us because we can’t imagine why genuine believers just sit on the sideline. Rather than get frustrated, try this strategy to move them toward involvement.... Read More

5 Types of Goals Ministry Leaders Must Avoid

“Should ministry leaders set goals?” is a question I am often asked. The question is about ministry leaders setting a target for something they want to see the ministry achieve collectively. “Yes, they should” is my typical response, but that response deserves an asterisk. Actually five asterisks. Here are five big mistakes ministry leaders make when they think about setting goals. Read More

To Enjoy Him Forever

While shaking hands at the church door, ministers are sometimes greeted with a spontaneous, “I really enjoyed that!”—which is immediately followed by, “Oh! I shouldn’t really say that, should I?” I usually grip tighter, hold the handshake a little longer, and say with a smile, “Doesn’t the catechism’s first question encourage us to do that? If we are to enjoy Him forever, why not begin now?” Read More

3 Killers of Effective Leadership

If you could ask just two questions—one personal and one related to your leadership—what might they be? Read More

15 Things Pastors Need to Stop Right Now

Pastor, I love you. I want nothing more than for you to be all who God wants you to be. So this might hurt a little. Read More

Expository Preaching—The Antidote to Anemic Worship

he anemia of evangelical worship—all the music and energy aside—is directly attributable to the absence of genuine expository preaching. Read More

How To Know What Your Audience Is Thinking BEFORE You Communicate

Ever wonder what your audience is thinking as you give your sermon, talk or speech? Why not find out ahead of time? Read More

Study: Female Pastors Are on the Rise

And so are our impossible expectations for them. Read More

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