Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On the Net: "A Disturbing Trend in the Church—And How You Can Help Reverse It" and More

A Disturbing Trend in the Church—And How You Can Help Reverse It

The local church will remain incomplete, lacking vital ministries and gifts, until those missing parts of the body come back home. Read More

4 Obstacles to Church Multiplication

If we really are intent on bringing the world to Jesus, whatever model we choose must be infinitely reproducible. Read More

One on One with the Small Church Pastor who "Took Over" the SBC Pastors Conference to Highlight Smaller Churches

An "average" church pastor is the president of the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference. Read More

Deadly Doctrines: Facing Evil Like Snakes and Doves

Since its earliest days, the church has been plagued by false teachers and deadly doctrine. Never has there been a period of rest, a time when Christians could relax their guard. Read More

The Folly of Trying to Measure Success In Christ’s 'First Shall Be Last' Kingdom

We need to measure what we can manage, but let’s not fall into the trap of thinking we have more control than we do. Read More

Pastor, Keep A Close Watch On Your Life and Illustrations

Sermon illustrations. They can make or break your message. Read More

How to Subtly Abandon Your Bible’s Authority

Christians in the West, face a number of explicit threats to the authority of Scripture. But explicit threats alone don’t weaken our trust in the Bible. Subtle threats—those that creep in unnoticed—also foster skepticism. Read More

Why Africa Needed Its Own Study Bible

And why Americans might want one too. Read More

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