Friday, February 03, 2017

People Aren’t as Loyal to a Church Or Denomination Anymore – Good For Them

We need to stop whining about people’s lack of commitment to our churches and give them something - and someone - worth committing to.

Brand loyalty is dead.

Good riddance.

The so-called good-old-days when a person committed to a church, then stuck with it no matter what, have come to an end. But many churches don’t know it yet.

The same goes for denominations. Today, even fully committed believers are unlikely to limit their church options to a specific denomination.

Maybe that’s why I keep hearing ministers harping on the same old complaints. “My church can’t get good volunteers any more!” “People aren’t as faithful as they used to be.” And, my personal [ahem] favorite, “What’s wrong with this generation? You can’t count on them for anything.”

If those complaints sound familiar (as in, you’ve heard them come from your own mouth) please take this in the way I’m giving it – with all the love in my heart. Stop whining about people’s lack of commitment to your church and give them something worth committing to! Read More

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