Monday, February 06, 2017

What Is Biblical Preaching? Driving the Sermon

Shiloh Church pastor-teacher contributes to an ongoing series

What is biblical preaching? This is an important question, make no mistake. But maybe a better one is: What is driving the sermon?

When I listen to a sermon, this is the question I’m most concerned with. I care about how a preacher exposits the text, but I’m not listening for that as much as I am listening to see what is at the heart of the message—the driving force behind it.

I’ve heard some messages in which it sometimes seems like an illustration is driving the sermon and it just happens to bump into scripture along the way. Or maybe an idea is driving the message, one that just needs the right text to support it. Or there’s something that’s clearly on the preacher’s heart. Something he “needs” to say to the people.

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